Agio Database Management

Agio’s team of elite DBAs handle the day-to-day operational management of your systems 24x7x365 ― on-premise or in the cloud.

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Your data is your competitive advantage. Maintaining this data to enhance performance, ensure availability, and protect it from cyber-attacks is paramount. Agio Database Management provides 24x7x365 monitoring and management of your database environment, agnostic of technology (SQL/NoSQL) and deployment (On-Prem, Cloud, RDS), and is fueled by our proprietary IT governance framework which includes baked in cybersecurity best practices and reviews. You get coverage, proactive database optimization, and cybersecurity protection – all in one.

24x7x365 Coverage

  • Availability, performance, and cybersecurity monitoring
  • Root-cause analysis
  • Corrective actions
  • Planning and testing of backups and disaster recovery
  • Real-time replication
  • Capacity planning
  • Daily health checks
  • Trend reporting and analysis

Proactive Optimization

  • Configuration and change management
  • Upgrades
  • Performance tuning
  • Updates and patching
  • Migrations (including public cloud)
  • Best practices configuration review
  • Security audits

Performance Dashboards

Predictive Trending via Machine Learning

With Agio Database Management, you get instant access to our deep bench of DBAs with expertise across a range of technologies, including Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, as well as NoSQL production databases, including MongoDB, MySQL, and Postgres. This means your ramp time to adoption of new technologies is significantly reduced, improving ROI and time to transition. When it comes to price, it would take a minimum of 7 in-house DBAs to achieve true 24x7x365 coverage. Our per-database cost model is significantly less, with the stability and reliability that comes with a service. Finally, we identify and review configuration changes, detect unexpected transactions (i.e. user directly modifying data in database), and remediate known vulnerabilities in your environment – making you look smart for selecting a partner who knows how to manage and protect your database infrastructure.

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