Agio Vendor Cybersecurity Risk Program

Our 360° program offers a dual assessment of your vendors, monitoring and management of corrective action plans, real-time threat assessments, and a transparent dashboard for tracking.

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Your network is only as secure as your vendors’ networks; that’s a scary thought, but it’s the world we live in. Investors, the C-suite, and private equity firms everywhere are asking the question, “what are you doing about your vendors?” The problem is, no one has the time to do this work. If you’re like most, your IT team is already doubling as your cybersecurity team, and if you’re one of the lucky ones with a dedicated security engineer or team, they’re busy with the day-to-day blocking and tackling of the threat landscape. No one has the time to think, let alone handle vendor management across your organization. We do. 24x7x365.



We guide your vendors through a 180+ intelligence-based due diligence questionnaire, rooted in the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and other vendor risk management best practices. This results in a tangible report to help you meet regulatory compliance requirements , and acts as the jumping off point for your program.


Someone has to do the dirty work of monitoring your vendors and alerting them to risks and potential threats. Our cybersecurity analysts initiate and drive issue-tracking to monitor the status of assigned vendor corrective actions, and escalate unremediated issues to your team. This ensures your vendors are actually making themselves more secure based on your program’s results.


We meet with you quarterly to review the status of your program (and vendors), and we offer you 24x7x365 unlimited support to the platform where your vendor results live, including access to your vendor comparison heat map and other interactive cards with drill-down capabilities. 100% transparency.


On top of the annual assessment, we double up with another analysis conducted by our cybersecurity engineers to evaluate your vendors’ responses against multi-level criteria such as identification, protection, detection, response and recovery. You also get this formal report as a piece of your overall cybersecurity posture.


Annual assessments are great, but knowing where your vendors are at any one time is key, especially when the latest heartbleed is discovered. We offer you the ability to issue an unlimited amount of pulse vendor security assessments to gauge the real-time cybersecurity posture of your vendors.


We want you to know what’s going on with your vendors at all times. This allows you to see a clear visual breakdown on the status of your vendors. With our full-access platform, you receive a heat map with vendor comparison, interactive cards with drill-down capabilities, bi-weekly reporting, and quarterly meetings to review summary dashboard reports.

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Most services offer an annual vendor assessment. Big deal. Who’s checking that assessment? Who’s making sense of it for you? Is anyone doing anything with those results to promote better vendor security…so that you’re more secure? When 63% of all data breaches start with vendor cybersecurity vulnerabilities, is it really safe to say you’re protected when your efforts are focused on just an assessment that no one is doing anything with? That’s the difference between us and them. Our cybersecurity engineers take that annual assessment and turn it inside out to ensure we know exactly what your vendors need to correct to close their gaps. We then monitor the status of those gap closures until we’re satisfied full remediation is complete. This double layer of protection is what seals your environment off from any weaknesses your vendors might have had. It’s the work that no one wants to do or has the time for; it’s also the work that means the difference between checking the box and being compliant, and checking the box while you’re also improving the safety and security of your environment.

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