Agio Cybersecurity Technical Testing Program

Our program is a highly sophisticated solution, uniquely customizable for companies with already existing cybersecurity governance efforts in place.

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Today, many organizations have something in place for cybersecurity, and most have long graduated beyond the “one-and-done” assessment approach. Clients at a certain level of cyber-sophistication need something more – something extremely targeted, in-depth, and customizable for their unique needs based on the cyber efforts they already have in place. We designed Agio’s Cybersecurity Technical Testing Program to meet this demand. Specifically, our seasoned experts identify weaknesses in the implementation, configuration, and management of the platforms and systems your firm uses by reviewing more than just the standard system vulnerabilities.

Our program’s menu is continuously evolving to address the changing threat landscape and is meant to give you different options to assess your organization as your cybersecurity defenses mature.  We work with you to understand what you currently have in place and then collaborate to create a unique program based on your needs, including a specific cadence for each activity over the course of our partnership.

Penetration Tests & Vulnerability Assessments

  • Standard Penetration Test*
  • Focused Scope Penetration Tests*
  • External Perimeter Penetration Test*
  • Cloud Security Penetration Test*
  • Validation of Remediation Effort, Actions & Activities*
  • Vulnerability Assessment*
  • Third Party Penetration Test
  • Segmentation Validation Test
  • Web Application Penetration Test

Attack & Breach Simulations

  • Breach & Attack Emulation (AttackIQ)*
  • Ransomware Resiliency Assessment (AttackIQ)*
  • Red Team Detect & Respond*
  • Red Team Infiltration

Security Architecture & Configuration Evaluations

  • Security Architecture Review*
  • Firewall Configuration Review*
  • Cloud Security Architecture Review*
  • O365 Security Configuration Review*
  • Remote Access Infrastructure Cybersecurity Health Check

End User Technical Evaluations

  • Social Engineering*
  • Open Source Intelligence Gathering
  • Laptop/Workstation Evaluation
  • AD Password Audit

Program Management

  • Executive Briefing*
  • vCISOMeetings*
  • Program Manager*

*Baseline best practice service recommended for every program.

No one on the street has the experience and depth-in-testing we have, with the foundation of compliance standards such as NIST, SEC, FINRA, FCA, NYDFS, HIPAA, PCI, CJIS, FFIEC/GLBA, and SOX among others.  Beyond this, we find most firms simply look at system vulnerabilities, but Agio’s seasoned cybersecurity experts look at targeted and controlled system exploitation, remediation validation, cloud security architecture reviews, password auditing, laptop security reviews, red team assessments, as well conducting comprehensive on-site testing.  We understand cyber-sophisticated organizations need next-generation skillsets to defend against the evolving cyber-landscape.

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