Agio Incident Response Management

Our Incident Response Management solution is a 12-month planned program designed for the unplanned. You’ll never be able to predict the type of breach that’ll hit, but you can predict how you respond.

Already encountered a breach? We’re here to help.

Emergency Incident Response

Traditionally, cybersecurity investments have been directed at prevention, but as the industry becomes more sophisticated and the market understands there is no bullet-proof preventative method, we’re seeing a shift towards incident detection and response. By proactively learning your environment, mapping what data lives where, reviewing your policies with a critical eye, and then practicing chaos, we improve your reaction to a breach. Your response goes from languid, haphazard, and insufficient to immediate, efficient, and most importantly, effective.


We kick off with a deep dive into your infrastructure with environment discovery, data mapping, and developing or reviewing your incident response plan.

Monthly Readiness Review

We regularly test to confirm we have the proper login access to all systems as well as logs from all expected event sources. This ensures we can respond immediately when a breach hits with the proper data to perform forensic analysis.

Annual Review Report

At the end of the incident detection program, our cybersecurity team will perform a review and present a formal report, encompassing a look back at the full 12 months so you have something tangible to show where your security posture started, and how much you’ve accomplished.

Tabletop Exercises

We conduct both tactical/operational and executive tabletop exercises throughout your program to ensure the players, from the bottom up, understand the processes and the roles in which they play.

Quarterly Status Review

We’ll conduct quarterly intelligence briefings to discuss the latest security news, threats, and alerts, as well as reviewing the number of attacks you’ve been exposed to, and any trends in attacks and end-user behavior we detect.

Red Team Security Assessment

If throughout your 12-month program you don’t experience a breach, there’s an incentive. We’ll perform a red team assessment to give you an even deeper understanding of the threat impact advanced attackers can have on your company.


Agio responds within 15 minutes of a critical breach discovery. We send updates every two hours and hold conference calls every four hours. We work the incident until it’s contained, and eradication and remediation plans have been defined. And then we send a full incident report, including recommendations, within two weeks of the incident resolution. We’ve done the research — no one offers this kind of response time and follow-up, so when we say, “we’ve got you covered,” we mean it.

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