Agio Database Management

Our experienced database team offers 24x7x365 end-to-end monitoring and management of your databases, including cybersecurity best practices, to keep the availability, reliability and performance of your environment optimized.

$50 / per database

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Agio Disaster Recovery powered by Azure

We leverage a secure Microsoft Azure tenant space to configure and mirror your current disaster recovery network so you only pay for when you need it, and you own this Azure tenancy so your environment remains 100% portable and in your control. We also test and document the steps needed to perform a successful DR failover, and then monitor and manage your environment 24x7x365 so you’re never left wondering, “what if?”

$75 / per OS

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Agio End-User Services

Our engineers are available to help your end-users 24x7x365 – either remotely or on-site. With our IT team filling in the gaps, we free up your internal IT team to drive innovation, rather than wasting time fixing someone’s email.

Remote End-User Support $102.50 per user

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Agio Health Care Cybersecurity 360° Program

We provide a 24-month structured cybersecurity and compliance program, delivered and managed by seasoned technical experts, who act as your sounding board for all things related to patient confidentially, patient care and the overall patient experience.

For Business Associates
Type Small Medium Large Enterprise
Price $2,500 $4,000 $6,000 $10,000
For Providers
Type Small Medium Large
Price $2,500 $4,000 $6,000

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Agio Managed Azure

We handle migrating your environment — servers, networks, data, etc. — to Microsoft Azure’s public cloud. Once migration, testing and validation is complete, we manage and secure your servers, monitor availability and performance, and perform issue resolution.

$227 / per OS

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Agio Managed Backup powered by Azure

With our solution leveraging Microsoft Azure, you never have to move your backups again and you own your data, while we manage it for you — from onboarding to continuous support and ensuring you meet compliance requirements for backup retention and best practices.

$0.09 / per GB

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Agio Managed Detection & Response

Our real-time 360° approach combines the best-in-breed tools with our best-in-class 24x7x365 SOC to proactively monitor and mitigate threats to your environment 24x7x365 so you’re never caught on your heels.

Type Small Medium Large Enterprise
Price $4,900 $7,500 $12,300 $19,000

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Agio Monitoring Service powered by LogicMonitor

We leverage our custom monitoring platform, Agio Monitoring System (AMS), to track your environment in real-time, while providing you with complete visibility.

$37.50 / per system

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Agio Network Management

Agio offers full administration and customized fine tuning of your network, from securing the backend infrastructure and stored data to closely monitoring routers, firewalls, and analytic data for traffic flow.

$125 / per node

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Agio Patch Management

Our service includes full system inventory, vulnerability identification, prioritization matrix, internal testing prior to deployment and remediation, as well as ongoing documentation to achieve the best possible security and compliance posture.

$15 / per desktop

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