Outsource the Dirty Work

Top 5 reasons to let us monitor and manage your environment.
By David Costa, Director, Server Management & Managed Security

Monitoring and managing your environment may not be top of mind when you consider your IT to-do list. Blocking and tackling isn’t mission-critical or revenue-driving, but it does require a surprising amount of effort.

And, look, we get it — outsourcing requires more critical analysis than building and hiring internally. But when you think about what you’re outsourcing and the time and manpower you’re getting back in return, the decision becomes easier.

If you still need convincing though, here’s five reasons to switch to remote IT management.


1. Intelligence

Cross-Environmental Intelligence
Our support teams monitor thousands of devices across hundreds of firms, creating a continuous learning engine by which we apply monitoring rule enhancements learned from one client environment to another. This type of visibility creates real-time efficiencies, optimizing your environment — something no amount of money on implementing and maintaining internal software can provide. What’s more, as you upgrade or implement new technology, the odds are Agio already has a rule set for that platform, eliminating a steep learning curve for your IT team.

Application Deployment & Knowledge
In many cases we see, clients purchase software, which then gets left on the shelf or is poorly deployed in a very basic format, and never updated down the road. With our Infrastructure Monitoring & Management service we start adding value from day one with rapid and expert deployment of our proprietary monitoring solution, Agio Monitoring System (AMS). To squeeze the full value out of this type of software, you need to know the ins and outs of it, including all of the different configuration options. This is a full-time job in itself. With AMS, we provide the dedicated focus required so you receive the most bang for your buck. Not to mention, you no longer have to worry about your institutional knowledge walking out the door when your one system engineer throws in the towel. Employee flight risks become a non-issue.

Posture Reporting
We’ve invested an incredible amount of time and resources into developing AMS so that our clients can reap the benefits of an elite monitoring solution. Not only does this mean keeping the lights on, but it also means expert service delivery by way of informing you of what’s happening in your environment in a way that’s meaningful and actionable. We have the ability to provide posture reports that include an at-a-glance summary, followed by a deep dive into data trends, system metrics, environmental changes and more. Our clients have found these reports invaluable in understanding the health of their infrastructure, while putting them at ease knowing they’re receiving even more value than expected out of their partnership with Agio.


2. System Management

Reduce the Noise
False positives are the death of any and all monitoring solutions. Many of our clients have attempted to implement on-premise in-house monitoring systems, but fall down when it comes to maintenance – or as we call it, blocking and tackling. You and your team can’t think strategically if you’re stuck in the weeds all day fighting tactical fires. This is where we come in. Our service provide outcomes by reducing the noise so you have the time and space to see the bigger picture and move forward accordingly.

Blocking & Tackling
Specifically, this is what you can expect from our service:

  • Monitoring health and performance of your infrastructure
  • Monitoring system logs for critical errors
  • Tweaking and changing thresholds based on device profile
  • Custom application monitoring testing and upgrades
    • Software is buggy, and with AMS we help you visualize the health and performance with off-the-shelf and custom applications.
  • Vendor Management
    • As part of our service, we manage and own all follow up with the software provider to address base functionality. For advanced and more complex environments you might be surprised to learn this turns into a daily or weekly event.

Infrastructure Monitoring & Management

  • Agio Monitoring Service
  • Application Management
  • Database Management
  • Network Management
  • Patch Management & Remediation
  • Server Management
  • Storage Management
  • Voice Management
  • Job Monitoring

3. Transparency

Transparency is key. AMS is custom designed so you can see performance and availability of devices and applications across the entire IT infrastructure. Our streamlined dashboard makes it easier to understand everything that’s happening in your environment, while enabling greater correlation analysis and trend reporting on our end.

4. 24X7X365 Concierge Service

With more than 70 Agio engineers manning our network operations center and security operations center 24×7, we have your environment covered anytime day or night. Leaving the blocking and tackling to us means you and your team don’t have to sleep with one eye open.

5. Cost Efficiency

As if superior intelligence, system management, transparency and 24x7x365 service weren’t impressive enough, our remote monitoring and management is also affordable.   AMS eliminates your software cost, as well as your capital expense to host and manage the servers and storage that are part of an on-site environment. You’ll also avoid  developing costly programs to monitor and manage your environment. Agio will develop custom solutions to integrate with your baseline software.

Say Yes

Agio has the manpower, expertise and quality of service to monitor and manage your environment. Say yes so you can stay focused on the big stuff – the strategic work that’s going to stimulate your team and win you accolades in house. We’ve got the rest of the dirty work covered.


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