Agio Health Care Cybersecurity 360° Program

Over the last five years, cybersecurity has made its way to center stage. With a 37% increase in health care breaches from 2015 to 2016, it’s no wonder 85% of providers are elevating cybersecurity as a business priority in 2017. The FDA has started issuing more guidelines for medical devices, the amount of fines by the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) has mushroomed, and individual states are issuing privacy regulations for health care. Can you blame them? The cost per compromised record has increased 11% to $402, and the cost of stolen medical records sell for an average $50 per chart.

We know, however, it’s not just about your technical defenses and keeping the bad guys out. 66% of all health care breaches stem from social engineering, i.e. your employees, i.e. the inside of your organization. This means, cybersecurity is just as much about cultivating a security-aware culture, day in and day out. Consistency over “one and done” is the new normal. That’s why we created Agio Health Care Cybersecurity 360°

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