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63% of breaches start with a third-party vulnerability. Manage your 2nd biggest cybersecurity risk with Agio’s Vendor Risk Program. Watch and learn how we weed out your weak vendors.

Let Agio help you protect your business.

Vendors win the silver medal when it comes to the cybersecurity threat Olympics. Only 52% of companies have security standards for third-parties. That’s almost half the population falling short. It’s time to get compliant. Our 360 solution: Agio Vendor Risk Program. Don’t worry about the dirty work. We handle the mechanics & management of your vendors, so you don’t have to.

Vendor Scores: In addition to a comprehensive vendor cybersecurity risk assessment, we score each of your vendors with a risk rating & cybersecurity maturity level. So then you can DO SOMETHING with the results to make smarter vendor decisions. Hint: The other guys don’t do this.

Your Forward-Thinking Partner: We bubble-up what needs attention, handle data collection, and follow-up with your vendors on remediation.

Pulse Surveys: We perform real-time threat assessments to find out what your vendors are doing with the latest critical vulnerabilities.

Transparent Dashboard: See where your vendors stand at all times in a single pane of glass.

  • Heat map to instantly see who your weak vendors are and compare.
  • Interactive cards with drill-down capabilities.
  • Bi-weekly reporting for accountability.
  • Quarterly meetings to make recommendations and put plans in place for execution.

Control your risk. Contact us to get started today:

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