Agio Cybersecurity Technical Testing Program

Many organizations today have something in place for cybersecurity, and most have long graduated beyond the “one and done” assessment approach. The most advanced firms have brought on a CISO and have structured governance programs to help prevent attacks to their firms as well as to their vendors, including portfolio companies. Clients at this level of cyber-sophistication need something more – something extremely targeted, in depth, and completely customizable for their unique needs based on the cyber efforts they already have in place.

We designed Agio’s Cybersecurity Technical Testing Program after a slew of clients came to us asking for something more. Specifically, our seasoned experts identify weaknesses in the implementation, configuration, and management of the platforms and systems your firm uses by reviewing more than just the standard system vulnerabilities. Our methodology evaluates targeted and controlled system exploitation, remediation validation, cloud security architecture reviews, password auditing, laptop security reviews, red team assessments, as well conducting comprehensive on-site testing. It’s this level of depth and the program’s ongoing cadence that uncovers the undiscoverable exposure areas, helping to give you an extra layer of protection against sophisticated bad actors.

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