Agio Taps New Technology and Partner Model by Intel Security

Would you give your hard earned money to someone you didn’t trust? Would you invest in a company that couldn’t protect your investment?


Agio, the progressive managed infrastructure and cybersecurity firm, specializing in the alternative asset management space, found that high-stakes investors were shying away from the uncompensated risk of a cyberattack.


The challenge for Agio’s clients is simple: they lack the resources to scale their staff and infrastructure to provide world-class, 24×7 protection. As a result, Agio saw the opportunity to make security a strategic imperative, offering clients integrated IT and cybersecurity for a smarter, more efficient solution.

Agio’s vision meant building a cybersecurity practice that combined the best platform with the best people. Consistent with their commitment to deliver superior service by investing in people, process and technology, Agio acquired Secure Enterprise Computing in 2013, a 20+ year old, dedicated cybersecurity firm. This acquisition gave Agio the security expertise required to create an enterprise-level managed security service.