Chris Schoenwetter

Director of Cybersecurity

Chris is Agio’s Director of Cybersecurity, helping alternative investment firms reduce their cybersecurity risk through risk management. He’s earned his certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge, CompTIA Security +, Cisco CCNA, and is an AlienVault Certified Security Engineer. Before he started stopping bad actors in their tracks, he spent two years as a professional scuba diver in Egypt and Malaysia.

Articles by Chris Schoenwetter


How Investing in Proactive Cyber Operations Helps You Save
How Investing in Proactive Cyber Operations Helps You Save

As someone tasked with safeguarding a high-value investment management firm,…


cyber security
Not Bundling XDR & Managed IT, Leaves Room for Vulnerabilities

When it comes to security operations, timing is everything. Sensor…


If You’re Thinking “A Cyber Attack Won’t Happen to Me,” Think Again

While movies embellish hacker exploits with high drama, in reality,…


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Cybersecurity 2024 Predictions for Investment Management Firms

As a new year quickly approaches, we would like to…


Why are Cyberattacks Getting So Much Worse?

Let’s start with some sobering data. Agio’s 2023 Hedge Fund…


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Strengthen Investments with Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions

As a private equity industry leader, you understand the critical…

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Threads Has Arrived. Here’s What You Need to Know.

Social media platforms have been an integral part of our…


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Juice Jacking: The Scary New Threat to Your Phone’s Security

From data breaches to phishing scams, we're all too familiar…


The LastPass Data Breach: What to Do Now

On December 22, 2022, password vault software vendor LastPass revealed…


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Will Contact Tracing Apps Play a Role in Reopening Your Office?

Are you considering bringing your workforce back into the office?…


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Guide to Reducing Risk in Shared Workspaces

COVID-19 has changed the way every business operates. As alternative…

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