Why did we acquire a cybersecurity firm?

I often get asked why did Agio acquire a cybersecurity firm instead of just partnering with an existing provider like everyone else in our field. While there are dozens of great cybersecurity firms out in the market, partnering with one of them was never an option for me. I knew for us to be great, for Agio to achieve our vision of providing our clients with the absolute most secure and reliable environments possible, we had to have the skills, methodology and overall infusion of cybersecurity leadership and discipline into our firm. The infusion wasn’t about adding cybersecurity services, it was about having cybersecurity focused professionals in our meetings, setting our goals, listening and contributing to our discussions around our clients problems and needs and in those meeting where we discuss how we operate as a firm. Even if we only offered outsourced IT services, it would still be critical to have those dedicated cybersecurity professionals and leaders infused within our company.

At a more practical level, IT and cybersecurity are NOT separate functions and can’t nor should they be viewed separately. One of the most basic needs of any cybersecurity engineer before they go about securing an environment is knowing the inventory of the firm they are trying to protect. While “knowing the inventory” certainly isn’t one of those sexy cybersecurity challenges, we constantly find firms who have separate IT and cybersecurity teams where the cybersecurity team is only protecting a subset of the firms assets because they simply didn’t know other assets existed within the firm.

While we’ve fully integrated the cybersecurity team from the acquisition years ago, we continue to work towards providing the most secure and reliable environments for our clients. Through discipline, awareness, intelligence and governance, we will achieve this lofty standard we’ve established for ourselves.