As part of our ongoing effort to improve your service experience, we are excited to announce the addition of the Technical Services Management (TSM) Team to your existing Agio support structure. The TSM Team will work alongside your designated Customer Success Manager with a focus on improving technical engagement to deliver quality support, tracking, and resolution of difficult issues.

Your Customer Success Manager will remain your primary contact and be able to engage the TSM team to support you directly with technical resources for streamlined communication on complex issues to deliver a more rapid and thorough resolution of highly technical issues and concerns impacting your organization.

Agio’s TSM Team will support you and your CSM when efforts are needed to: 

    • Coordinate efforts and prioritize actions across Delivery Teams when a significant impact has occurred or has been identified by your CSM as at risk to occur.
    • Manage technically complicated or inter-disciplinary escalations.
    • Provide insight and technical explanations in a relatable language to help you understand the status of tickets or issues you have raised with Agio.
    • Focus on trend reporting and problem identification to proactively support you behind the scenes.
    • Assist in the management of your IT Governance such as system patching, Disaster Recovery tests, Due Diligence Questionnaires, etc.

As noted above, you should continue to rely on your Customer Success Manager as your primary point of contact for service enhancements, reporting, and feedback on your experiences with Agio. In the event an escalation is needed, your Customer Success Manager will coordinate directly with the TSM Team to provide a quick and efficient resolution.

These account support enhancements reflect our continued commitment to delivering a premium customer experience as we empower you and your team with secure, reliable, and resilient information systems.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss in more detail, please reach out to me or your CSM.