We’re closing out National Health Information Technology Week with a story to help you frame the cybersecurity conversation, internally. Get the executive buy-in and budget you need to keep your environment safe.

Advancement at a Price
HIPAA, PCI, state regulations, medical device security, electronic records, new software…and the list of things you have to worry about goes on, and will keep growing. The industry continues to move towards innovative technology that enhances the patient experience and quality of care, while simultaneously opening up doors for more cyber attacks.

We see it with the 29% increase of breaches YoY – and that’s just those actually reported (Identity Theft Resource Center). In fact, health care is the second highest affected industry, accounting for 26.6% of total breaches. That means at least one health care organization is breached every day.

Spine-Chilling Facts
When we look at Banner Health, Anthem, Premera Blue Cross, and other major breaches, the reasons why are crystal clear:

  • It takes mere minutes for cyber criminals to compromise health care systems (Verizon).
  • One medical record is sold for $50 on the black market vs. $1 for a stolen social security number.
  • 16% of the 2016 federal IT budget was allocated for cybersecurity, while the healthcare industry averaged less than 6%.
  • The health care industry is ranked ninth for its overall security compared to other industries (SecurityScorecard).


Put a Stop to This
A band-aid on a critical wound is the equivalent to a penetration test here and there. Our clients need a methodical, continuous lifecycle that tackles all angles of cybersecurity – prevention, detection, and response. That’s why we built our Health Care Cybersecurity 360˚ Program; it takes the band-aid approach to security and turns it into a level one trauma center with world-class surgeons to fix the patient and get them healthy again (i.e. our clients and their cybersecurity postures).  Call us, and let’s figure out together how we can help.

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