ACK Asset Management
Case Study

Located in Scarsdale, NY, ACK Asset Management is a small and mid-cap U.S. equity manager with just under 10 employees.

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ACK Asset Management has been a client of Agio’s since 2014, and the firm was in need of an upgrade to server and network equipment that were coming up on end-of-life. This upgrade serendipitously aligned with ACK’s recent cybersecurity corrective action plan to investigate an overall upgrade to their infrastructure. We were at a critical inflection point rooted in the intersection of IT and cybersecurity.

To meet ACK Asset Management’s various requirements, we chose to migrate the firm to our latest version of Agio SkySuite, a fully hosted public cloud solution leveraging Microsoft Azure.  This holisitic solution gave ACK a brand-new next generation redundant network stack with a built-in intrusion detection system and advanced malware protection. Agio SkySuite also:

Server Cost

Removed the need for an on-premise server and relevant server management costs


Removed the need for VPN to the office environment

Backup Cost

Removed the cost of backups

Agio SkySuite added security layers:

Agio Web Security

Agio Enterprise Mobility Management

Email DLP


Email Encryption

Rights Management

By implementing the latest version of Agio SkySuite, ACK Asset Management upgraded its network infrastructure, removed outdated servers and subsequent server management fees, reduced backup costs and improved their overall cybersecurity posture. With this more robust solution, the firm effectively strengthened its infrastructure while simultaneously reducing costs as a beneficial by-product to the modernization of Agio’s solution. Even more crucial, with ACK’s entire infrastructure fully hosted in the public cloud, they were well positioned to migrate employees to work-from-home as COVID-19 unfolded.

We had a seamless transition moving the staff to work from home, and I am so glad we made the change to Agio’s latest version of their SkySuite solution. I 100% recommend this offering to any likeminded firm, and I am a big supporter of Agio’s model.

Ken Cooper
Chief Financial Officer