In the past, companies eager to retire their on-premises Exchange systems and gain the resiliency provided by the Microsoft cloud ecosystem moved¬†their email to Exchange Online. Unfortunately for many, the migration¬†stopped¬†there.¬†Sure, some¬†firms¬†took advantage of moving users‚Äô¬†home drive data to OneDrive,¬†and¬†others invested in SharePoint solutions,¬†but¬†few¬†considered taking¬†their subscription further‚ÄĒmostly¬†because¬†they lacked¬†the¬†time, resources,¬†or¬†expertise¬†to lead a full¬†cloud¬†migration¬†on their own.¬†At the end of the day, firms weren‚Äôt making the most of the services¬†available¬†to them. ¬†

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Enter Microsoft FastTrack

Microsoft FastTrack is a complimentary service provided by Microsoft to any customer with an active Office 365 or Microsoft 365 Business or Enterprise subscription. Throughout the lifetime of your subscription, FastTrack works with your IT service provider to deliver guidance, best practices, and adoption strategies and methodologies to ensure your firm gets the most out of Microsoft’s tools and services.

Most businesses are not aware of this perk, and those that are often don’t know how to leverage it to empower their teams. That’s where Agio steps in.

For more than ten years, we’ve been leading organizations through their transition to Office 365. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we work with the Microsoft FastTrack program to help our clients onboard and adopt the cloud services included in their paid subscription.  

How Microsoft FastTrack Can Empower Your Firm

Microsoft FastTrack engagements follow a standard framework that is tailored to specific services based on your firm’s needs. By employing the FastTrack program, Agio gains access to Microsoft best practices that, in turn, enable us to use a standardized, repeatable process to support successful cloud deployment and adoption outcomes for our customers.

During a workload adoption or migration project, Agio follows Microsoft’s proven three-step approach: Envision, Onboard, and Drive Value.

Envision: During the Envision stage, our team works with your IT or business groups to plan for a successful deployment. This includes creating the Success Plan for both the technical implementation and user adoption strategies.

Onboard: The Onboarding phase focuses on implementation. Following Microsoft best practices, Agio completes remediation tasks, core and service onboarding, and migration to provide an exceptional experience. This can include workloads such as Teams, Yammer, SharePoint, Advanced Threat Analytics, Intune, etc.

Drive Value: The goal of the Drive Value phase is to help businesses get the most out of their IT investments. Agio and FastTrack provide customers with best practices, guidance, and resources to help gain user adoption. This expertise helps our customers to measure success and track results against their goals to gain meaningful insights.  

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In Summary

Research shows that companies who take advantage of the Microsoft FastTrack program see significant benefits including:

  • Shorter¬†onboarding time
  • Improved¬†time to value by 29 percent from Office 365 suite capabilities
  • Reduced¬†training costs


By leveraging Agio’s Microsoft FastTrack expertise, your firm can increase productivity, lower cost, and decrease risk. Give us a call to chat with our lead cloud engineer about getting started.

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