ESP is our proprietary, comprehensive system that alerts our people to their commitments and responsibilities and defines what they need to be focused on at any given time. It fortifies the three areas we’ve identified as the key metrics of excellent support:

  • How timely we respond
  • How frequently we update
  • How soon we resolve cases

Agio Enterprise Service Platform

Take one step inside our Operational Headquarters, and you will be enveloped in a swarm of activity.  Like the busy kitchen of a five-star restaurant, our ability to provide excellent customer service relies on the character and personalities of the people we hire to service the front lines, as well as the systems, processes, and training we put in place behind the scenes to reinforce this commitment.  Agio’s Enterprise Service Platform (ESP) is at the heart of our operation.

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Utilizing a scriptable heuristic algorithm, advanced data mining techniques and predictive analytics, ESP automatically prioritizes open tickets based on inputs you identify during Agio’s client onboarding process.  As we evaluate and monitor priorities in your specific environment, we continually fine-tune ESP with your institutional knowledge.  It’s ESP’s unique, customizable automation that provides the foundation for Agio to service you more effectively every day.

Our reputation is built on our high service standards and performance, and we retain this reputation by continually delivering above expectations. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) allow you to define your specific needs and areas of importance, and our internal Operational Level Agreements (OLAs) set the bar even higher. Through ESP, we continually prioritize and escalate cases, allowing us to “over deliver” on our services.

ESP offers you full access—you see what we see.  At any given moment, our client portal provides a real-time view of all your open tickets so there is never a doubt as to exactly what’s happening in your environment.  This unique ability for clients to view and provide real-time feedback, allows Agio’s engineers to reprioritize on the spot, ensuring your environment remains healthy.

This transparency benefits our clients and improves the strength of collaboration among Agio’s support teams.  By creating a natural system of checks-and-balances, co-workers are encouraged (and required) to jump in and assist colleagues with OLA’s nearing default.  Furthermore, ESP’s precision and clarity enables supervisors to provide urgent support without needing to be brought up to speed, saving our clients from ever feeling the pain.

ESP’s technology and protocol is backed by Agio’s superior service delivery process, which requires a high touch human experience rooted in effective communication.  Agio’s 3Ws, born of our culture and commitment to The Art of Service, institutionalize how we communicate with you.  By asking and answering three simple questions, “What’s Happened,” “What’s Been Done,” and “What’s Next,” we cover all pertinent information in each and every communication.  Agio employees are trained to be clear, specific, relevant, brief, complete and timely when communicating cases through to resolution; and our Managers perform weekly systematic quality control reviews to ensure our employees adhere to the 3Ws.

This calculated practice helps minimize the “noise” and maximize your confidence in our ability to steward your cases through to close.  With great people and great systems, our clients are provided with the ultimate technology safety net.

How ESP Works