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Cybersecurity Services

Our cybersecurity philosophy is rooted in a day-in, day-out commitment that takes relentless diligence.


What you’ll get:

  • Next-gen tools paired with expert engineers to proactively monitor and mitigate threats
  • Compliance programs that will impress regulators, investors and C-suite members
  • Third-party vendor analysis, monitoring and management to minimize vulnerabilities
  • Commitment-free consulting
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Faster resolution

We fix your issues faster by leveraging automation and instrumentation for the most efficient workflows.

Fewer issues

Our technology reduces recurring issues quickly and efficiently.

Expert Insights

We deliver proactive recommendations to ensure your environment is protected from threats.

per day
& security
Penetration tests
per year
per week
Years of security

Industry-specific cybersecurity solutions.

Detection & response

Our 360° portfolio of services combines next-generation tools with our expert security engineers to proactively monitor and mitigate threats to your environment 24x7x365.

Third-party risk management

Your network is only as secure as your vendors’ networks; that’s a scary thought, but it’s the world we live in. Investors, the C-suite, and private equity firms everywhere are asking the question, “what are you doing about your vendors?”

Governance programs

It’s not just regulators who are interested in your cybersecurity and governance framework; investors are taking note, too. That’s why we created our comprehensive compliance program, specifically designed to develop your cybersecurity fitness at a scalable and digestible pace.

Cybersecurity consulting

Manage risk, meet compliance requirements, and maximize efficiency within your existing cybersecurity operations.

We had a seamless transition moving the staff to work from home, and I am so glad we made the change to Agio’s SkySuite solution. I 100% recommend this offering to any likeminded firm, and I am a big supporter of Agio’s model.

Chief Financial Officer
Long/short equity hedge fund
with $800 million in AUM

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