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Excel for Beginners

If you’re an Excel beginner, you’re not alone. The software program has been around for decades but regularly gains new users. Consider this your guide to Excel 101, including its benefits and some of the program’s most useful functions.

Microsoft Word Productivity Tips

Microsoft Word has long been a versatile solution for office efficiency, but many users don’t utilize its full potential. Here’s how you can better leverage Word for productivity.

Private vs. Public Cloud Computing

Cloud computing provides on-demand availability of data storage via the internet. Here’s how to choose if a private, public, or hybrid cloud model is best for your operating environment.

How to Use Flash Fill in Excel

Entering a high volume of data into Excel can be a tedious process. Once you learn how to use Flash Fill in Excel, you can seamlessly extract and enter data into your spreadsheet.

Great Ways to Visualize Data in Excel

Visualizing Excel data is seamless with Excel’s many data visualization tools. Learn more about the most popular types of Excel graphs and how to use them.

5 Productivity Tips for PowerPoint

Creating a visually appealing presentation can be a time-consuming process. Fortunately, PowerPoint has several tools and features you can use to build a captivating presentation.

When to Use Drop-Down Lists in Excel

Excel spreadsheets are designed to be user-friendly, and tools and features like drop-down lists make data entry even more accessible.

5 Tips and Tricks for Tables in Excel

Excel is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy to create tables. You can make table generation and modification even simpler with Excel formatting tips.

How to Consolidate Data From Multiple Tabs Into One in Excel

Sifting through data in multiple worksheets can be tedious and inefficient. Fortunately, you can easily consolidate data from multiple tabs into one in Excel without copying and pasting.

How to Utilize Sparklines in Excel

A sparkline is a compact chart that fits within a single cell of an Excel worksheet, and visually convey trends in a dataset. Learn how to utilise sparklines in your own excel worksheet now.

List of Pro Excel Hotkeys

Keyboard shortcuts in Excel help you work faster and increase productivity at your company. Learn some of the most helpful Excel shortcut keys to boost your efficiency.

What’s the Difference Between Office 365 and Microsoft 365?

Office 365 and Microsoft 365 are two offerings that are pretty similar. To help differintiate the two, we explore the differences between these Microsoft offerings.