Operational Risk Management: Why Your Firm Needs Regular IT Infrastructure Assessments

But how will you know when downtime could hit your firm? How do you know if your IT infrastructure has vulnerabilities and bad configurations? The answer?

What Investment Management Executives Need to Know About NIST’s CSF 2.0

Examine the key updates and advancements introduced in CSF 2.0 so that you are prepared with the knowledge and insights necessary to combat all emerging cyber risks.  But don’t go it alone.

Battle of the Prompts: Comparing AI Prompting Strategies

Prompt engineering, when done right, makes AI interactions feel natural and seamless. By following best practices like clarity, specificity, and providing relevant context, you can unlock the full potential of AI prompting.

Outsmarting Ransomware: How Investing in Proactive Cyber Operations Today Helps Save You Tomorrow

As an investment management CTO or Head of Cybersecurity, you understand the grave risks posed by ransomware attacks. Learn how investing in proactive cyber operations today can help you outmaneuver even the savviest ransomware hackers tomorrow.

SEC Fires $50 Million Shot Across the Bow: Vital Lessons from LPL & Ameriprise Ahead of Copilot Implementation

Recent SEC actions against firms like LPL Financial and Ameriprise highlight the need for strong data governance, especially in electronic messaging. Consider this before implementing AI tools like M365 Copilot.

Preparing for the New PCI Standards: More Stringent Requirements and Complexity Coming After March 31, 2024

As of March 31st, 2024, significant updates to the PCI DSS will introduce new challenges and complexities. At Agio, our team of experts remains vigilant in tracking these changes, ensuring that merchants and service providers are equipped to navigate the evolving landscape of PCI compliance.

Unlocking the Power of Windows 365 Enterprise Cloud PC: A Cost-Effective Solution for New Hedge Funds

Discover how Windows 365 Enterprise Cloud PC provides newly launched hedge funds with a flexible, secure virtual desktop solution accessible from anywhere. This cost-effective Microsoft service eliminates complexities of traditional VDI while empowering your mobile workforce.

If You’re Not Bundling XDR & Managed IT, You’re Leaving Room for Vulnerabilities

When you have separate managed IT and extended detection & response providers, you’re in a potentially vulnerable position. Discover how bundling eradicates prevalent vulnerabilities observed by Agio Cybersecurity Analysts.

Cybersecurity Reality Check: If You’re Thinking “A Cyber Attack Won’t Happen to Me,” Think Again

Cyber-attacks are no laughing matter, and they target everyone, regardless of the size or scope of your firm. Read on as we discuss the dangerous misconception that size somehow acts as a shield against cyber threats.

Microsoft 365 Copilot: Spilling the Tea on What’s Good, Bad, and Just Plain Ugly

While Microsoft 365 Copilot is a game-changer, it’s not immune to its downfalls. Learn the good, bad, and the ugly before determining if you’re ready to implement this work-revolutionizing tool.

7 Questions to Ask Your Provider to Sniff Out If They’re a Microsoft 365 Copilot Bullsh*tter

Discover the truth about Microsoft 365 Copilot. Learn to spot the real experts and arm yourself with eight crucial questions for evaluating providers. Dive into Copilot readiness and implementation with the right partner.

An RIA Guide to Deciphering Managed IT, Cybersecurity Operations, and Cyber Governance

For RIA executives, outsourcing to a MSP can streamline operations and bolster security amidst evolving challenges. But first, let’s help you understand Managed IT, Cybersecurity Operations, and Cyber Governance.