Agio aims to hire carefully, train fully, and set expectations clearly. You’ll be joining a team dedicated to solving our clients’ technology problems — not because we have to, but because we love to. We select candidates who align with our values and want to be part of our evolving culture.

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Master the Fundamentals

Crawl before you walk; walk before you run. Establish a groundwork of practice, discipline, and attention to detail. Cracks in an unstable foundation show over time. So, take the time to hone in your craft and set yourself up for success.


Speak Up

There are no wallflowers at Agio. Say what needs to be said when it needs to be said. Ask the question everyone else is afraid to. It’s about being candid. Direct feedback and informed opinions are encouraged and expected.


Add, tweak, delete. Progress is impossible without change. Keep your mind open, and remember to bite size it – incremental growth day-by-day yields massive results over time.


Communicate Fearlessly

Communicate to illuminate, and then communicate some more. Don’t be afraid to commit to the client and establish expectations. Instill confidence and gain loyalty to create lasting relationships.

Be Bigger Than Your Job

Risk your comfort zone to challenge the status quo. Weigh in cross-departmentally and stay curious. When you connect the dots and contribute to teams outside of your own, you create change that separates Agio from the rest.

You were not hired for what you know today, but for your capacity to be even better tomorrow.

Bart McDonough, CEO