As a hedge fund manager, you understand the importance of having reliable and consistent data at your fingertips and that your data remains highly available. That’s why choosing the right provider for database management is crucial to your success—they can empower you to make informed decisions that generate outsized returns for your investors. Here are 7 reasons why hedge fund managers are turning to Agio Database Management.   

  1. Expertise: Hedge fund managers require customized solutions that cater to their specific needs. Agio’s team of experts has decades of experience in database management, specifically for the alternative investment industry. They understand the unique challenges that hedge funds face and provide customized solutions to meet your specific needs, empowering you to feel confident in your data management and focus on achieving your investment goals. 
  2. Transparency: With as much or as little visibility as you want, Agio’s real-time reporting dashboards keep hedge fund managers up to date on the health of your data at all times, allowing you to quickly identify opportunities and make informed decisions for your firm.  
  3. Security: Our next-gen technology and tools ensure security, accuracy, and accessibility. Specifically, we identify and review configuration changes, detect unexpected data accessing attempts, encrypt sensitive data, encrypt data backups, implement security best practices and remediate known vulnerabilities in your environment—making you look smart for selecting a partner who knows how to protect your infrastructure from bad actors. We also employ various auditing features that empower you to go back in time and see who accessed your data.   
  4. Performance: A high-performing database is critical to your success. Agio’s database professionals have over a decade of experience making sure that hedge fund database performance is at its best. We implement a robust performance tuning strategy that considers all aspects of the SQL Server environment, including indexes, queries, hardware infrastructure, server and database settings, log and data files, and any other components that may impact performance. 
  5. High Availability and Disaster Recovery: Business continuity is a key requirement for planning, designing, and implementing any business-critical system. When you bring data into the mix, business continuity becomes mandatory. Agio utilizes native HA/DR topologies to make sure your data is highly available and can be recovered in case of a disaster. Having a robust HA/DR plan empowers you to focus on your part of the business while we make sure your data is always available at your fingertips. 
  6. Service: Agio’s dedicated team of professionals monitors your data 24x7x365 and is available to address any issues or concerns—nights, weekends, and holidays included. Paired with proactive communication and regular check-ins from your Customer Success Manager, Agio ensures hedge fund client satisfaction and peace of mind. 
  7. Cost: Hedge fund managers already know that outsourcing saves time and money, but did you know that it would take a minimum of 7 in-house DBAs to achieve true always-on coverage? Our per-database cost model is significantly less, with the stability and reliability that comes with a service.  
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Why Agio?  

Choosing the right vendor for database management is critical for hedge fund managers looking to produce substantial returns. Agio empowers firms by providing customized solutions, real-time monitoring and reporting, and exceptional customer service. Learn more: Agio Database Management.