So, you‚Äôve decided to move toward HITRUST certification¬†but you‚Äôre not sure how to get started?¬†Agio’s HITRUST Advisory Partnership¬†provides the resources, expertise, and guidance to help organizations successfully navigate the challenges of achieving and maintaining HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF) certification. Here are four reasons why our clients¬†are finding value in our program now more than ever.

  1. We take a ‚Äúwork smart‚ÄĚ approach.¬†Our assessment and audit strategy prepares clients for the formal¬†validated¬†assessment¬†required to¬†achieve¬†HITRUST¬†certification.¬†¬†We can assist you with an organized and strategic approach to your compliance with the goal of yielding efficiencies on both sides of the audit table, streamlining evidence gathering and review¬†to reduce unnecessary work effort and expense to your organization.¬†Our team leverages¬†our extensive¬†experience¬†and¬†governance¬†best practices to¬†bring clarity and ease to your HITRUST certification process.

Agio can recommend a strategy that meets you where you are today, whether you’re already HITRUST certified and looking for additional guidance or jump-starting your certification for the first time. While some HITRUST Assessors advise clients during the final step of the assessment process, Agio takes a partnership approach to provide expertise every step of the way, starting with an initial HITRUST Readiness Assessment. Our HITRUST Assessors lead you throughout the entire HITRUST lifecycle and proactively monitor HITRUST process changes, MyCSF version updates, and regulatory requirements across the industry that could affect your ongoing certification process.

  1. Our programmatic method keeps things on track. Agio has over a decade of experience assisting clients with attaining and maintaining their compliance across various frameworks, laws, and standards.  Our industry-experienced team assures your security goals do not fall behind or suffer due to unexpected challenges. The reason why so many clients have been with us for so long is because they value the way we manage the process and keep them on track so they can focus on their core business. We take the difficulty out of managing compliance; facilitating and documenting progress calls, milestone reminders, evidence collection and review, and simplifying collaboration through our compliance portal, all serve to keep HITRUST certification from being an overwhelming or volatile work effort. 
  2. We¬†begin with the end in mind.¬†¬†A HITRUST certification with Correction¬†Action Plans (CAPs) essentially means that you have a ‚Äúconditional‚ÄĚ certification. The purpose behind our programmatic approach and conducting the Readiness Assessment is for clients to enter the assessment period having completed¬†identified¬†gaps or remediation required to certify successfully.¬†Certifying with limited or no CAPS¬†sends¬†a strong message to the industry of your security maturity and will reduce the necessity and expense remediation efforts post certification.¬†Agio‚Äôs Assessors are determined to prepare our clients to pass their HITRUST assessment¬†without¬†any¬†CAPs by identifying and correcting any security issues prior to the assessment. While no Assessor can guarantee this,¬†our¬†team has a high success rate of¬†‚Äúclean‚ÄĚ certifications that we‚ÄĒand our clients‚ÄĒare proud of¬†and strive to maintain.
  3. We’re cybersecurity experts at our core. Agio’s Assessors have strong cybersecurity, privacy, and compliance backgrounds. Steeped in real-world industry knowledge, our team provides insight that spans beyond compliance alone to provide your organization one-stop access to technical, IT, and security experts as needed. We provide the type of tactical and strategic recommendations required to advance overall security posture. More than just an assessor or audit firm, Agio is a comprehensive partner providing regulatory and industry-focused guidance and consultancy services that our clients rely on year over year.  Our HITRUST experts will prepare your team to meet all your HITRUST requirements for a successful certification process.
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We call our engagement with clients a ‚Äúpartnership‚ÄĚ for a reason. Agio‚Äôs¬†HITRUST Advisory Partnership¬†takes¬†a programmatic¬†approach,¬†architected to transform you into a HITRUST-certified organization¬†and minimize the effort of maintaining your ongoing¬†certification.¬† If you‚Äôve decided to take the plunge or want to further investigate the HITRUST process, we‚Äôd love to have you speak with an¬†Agio¬†HITRUST Assessor who can¬†help you define the right process for you.¬†Give us a call¬†to get started.