How to Bulk Combine PDF Files to Excel Without Losing Formatting

The Power Query merge tool is the best way to bulk combine PDFs into Excel files. This automatic process preserves the original formatting and takes less time. Follow these steps to use Power Query.

How to Prepare for a PCI Audit

Review our PCI audit checklist to ensure you meet PCI compliance requirements. For more information on how to prepare for a PCI audit, contact Agio today.

How to Add Custom Events Directly in Outlook

One process you might find yourself doing often is making a meeting or event based on an email. With Outlook, you can use a few different methods to create custom events based on emails.

How to Create a PivotTable for Multiple Sheets in Excel

A PivotTable in Excel creates a single table of information from two or more tables in separate sheets or files. You can use PivotTables to see all your data together and gain new insights.

How to Get Better at Financial Analysis Using Excel

Financial formulas for Microsoft Excel can improve your analysis of your investments and loans, making them useful in personal and professional finance. Become a better financial analyst with these formulas.

Guide to Identify, Respond to & Recover from a Cyber Breach

If your firm has fallen victim to a cybersecurity breach or incidentapid, a rapid response is critical. Here are the key steps to identifying whether or not your firm has been breached, and how to begin the recovery process if so.

Common HIPAA Violations

If healthcare organizations fail to follow the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, the consequences can be severe. Learn about common HIPAA violations so your company can avoid them and stay compliant.

7 Things to Avoid in Excel

Excel is a powerful tool, but users can make common Excel mistakes leading to formula errors, incorrect data, and other issues. Learning how to avoid errors in Excel makes spreadsheets more accurate and reliable.

How to Stay PCI-Compliant

To achieve PCI compliance, companies must follow several standards to process card payment information safely. Follow this checklist to ensure your business can protect patients’ data against a breach.

How to Use the LOOKUP Function in Excel

The LOOKUP function is a type of reference function in Excel. It looks up a value in a range of one column or row (also called a vector) and returns the corresponding value from another one-column or -row range. Its syntax is:

What Is PCI?

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) has regulations for healthcare organizations to protect patients’ card payment data. Review our PCI compliance checklist.

The Most Common Excel Errors and How to Fix Them

Excel errors popping up and frustrating your operations? Resolve them faster by learning about common errors in Excel, their meanings, and how to fix them!